aBrwPosRec()		To calculate coordinated of the edition cell in a Browse
AddFontResource()	Adds a new font to the Windows font table
aDrives()		It returns an array with all the valid drives ids
aFindFile()		It locates files recursivity from a certain path
aGetWorkAreas()		Returns an array with all available work areas
AllTrim()			It suppresses spaces to left and right of a string
aMidiDevices()		It describes the capabilities of to MIDI output device
AnsiLower()		Converts the given character string to lowercase
AnsiToOem()		Translates a Window string into the OEM MsDos
AnsiUpper()		Converts the given character string to uppercase
aOData()		Returns an array with all an Object Class DATA names
AppendMenu()		Appends a new item to the end of a menu.
Arc()			Draws an elliptical arc
ARead()			To reconstruct an array from a coded string
Arg()			To recover on-line given parameters of commands
ASave()			To code an array in a string
ASend()			Send an OOP message to an array of Objects
aTcBrwPosRec()		To calculate coordinated of the edition cell in a TCBrowse  
aTreeBmps()		Returns an array with the default tree bitmaps
AuxGetCaps()		To determine the capabilities of a device.
AuxGetDev()		Number of Auxiliary devices.
Auxgetvol()		Volume of output of a device
Auxsetvol()		Sets the volume in an auxiliary output device
B2Bin()			Converts a byte into a string 1 byte len
BarAdjust()		Adjust the bar to the new dimension of its container
Barinvert()		Effect of pressing the button bar.
Barpaint()		It draws the buttons bar
BeginPaint()		Prepares a window for start painting
Bin2d()			Converts a string into a 4 byte double precision numeric
Bindtoport()		A Socket associates with a certain port
Bitblt()			It copies a bitmap from a context device to another context device
BringWindo()		Bring the window to the top of a stack of overlapping windows
Browse()		Automatic full featured FiveWin browse
Btndisable()		It draws a disabled button.
BtnPaint()		Paints the contents of a bitmapbutton
BuildCommDCB()	Translates a device string into a control block
C2Hex()			Converts a byte into a hex string (2 chars)
CallDll()			Calls a function placed into a DLL
Calldll32()		It calls to a function that this in a DLL of 32 bits
CallWindowProc()	Passes messages information to a specific procedure
cArgV()			Retrieves a certain command line parameter
cChr2Data()		It converts to minuscule all the letters except the 2†...
cCtrl2Chr()		Generates a string with the control structure
cDlg2Chr()		It makes a string to makes a dialog box
cFileDisk()		Retrieves the drive from a filename with path
cFileExt()		Retrieves the extension from a filename
cFileMask()		Retrieves the mask from a filename if specified
cFileName()		Retrieves the filename without its path
cFileNoExt()		Retrieves the filename without path and extension
cFileNoPath()		Retrieves the filename without path (as cFileName()) 
cFilePath()		Retrieves the path from a filename with path
cFileSubDir()		Retrieves the subdir name from a filename
cFreadLine()		It reads you line of a text file
cGetDir()		Dialog box to select directory
cGetExpression()	General build expression DialogBox
cGetFile()		File selection standard DialogBox
cGetNewAlias()		To obtain an Alias not used to open a .DBF
ChangeProc()		Changes the procedure of a Window
Checkmenu()		Add or remove checkmark at pop-up menu item
Childwindo()		Find child window at a specified point
ChooseColor()		Color selection standard DialogBox
ChooseFont()		Font selection standard DialogBox
Chord()			Draws a chord                                        
ClassCreat()		Creation of a class for xBase++
ClientIp()		Client IP address
ClientToScreen()		Converts client coordinates into screen coordinates
CloseClipboard()		Closes the clipboard
CloseComm()		Closes the communication device and frees memory
CloseSocket()		It closes a socket
CloseWindow()		Minimize window.   
CloseZipFile()		Closes the ZIP file
cMDIStruct()		Create structure contains information about the MDIChild
cMimeDec()		Mime Based Decoding.
cMimeEnc()		Mime Based Encoding.
cNewFileName()		Retrieves a new filename using a rootname
cNtxKey()		Returns the index expression of a NTX index file
CPUType()		To check the type of CPU
CreateCare()		Create new system caret
CreateCDC()		Create Compatible Device Context
CreateDC()		Creates a device context for the given device
CreateDlgIndirect()	Creates a modeless DialogBox from memory resources
CreateFont()		Creates a logical font with specific characteristics
CreateHatch()		Creates a brush with the specified hatched pattern
CreateMenu()		Create a empty menu
CreateOLEObject()	It creates an OLE object
CreatePattern()		Creates a brush with the specified pattern bitmap
CreatePen()		Creates a pen with the specified style, width & color
CreatePopUpMenu()	Creates an empty pop-up menu
CreateSolidBrush()	Creates a brush that has a specified solid color
CreateWindow()		Creates an overlapped, pop-up or child window
cResToStr()		It loads a resource in a string of characters
cStrWord()		To extract a word of a string of characters
cTempFile()		Retrieves a temporary new filename
Ctl3dLook()		Makes 3D any Control
Ctrldrawfo()		It draws the contour of a control in way design.
CurDrive()		Retrieves the default drive selected letter
Cursor()			It loads and it activates a cursor
CursorArrow()		Select the Windows default arrow cursor
CursorCatch()		Selects the FiveWin hand catching cursor
CursorHand()		Selects the FiveWin hand cursor
CursorIbeam()		Selects the Windows default IBeam cursor
CursorNS()		To load and to activate the cursor of two arrows South North
CursorSize()		Selects the Windows default Size cursor
CursorWait()		Selects the Windows default wait cursor
CursorWE()		Selects the Windows default WE cursor
cValToChar()		Converts any value into a string
D2bin()			Converts a floating point number into a string
DbClearInd()		It closes all the indexes of the area of current work
DbCloseAre()		Closes a work area
DbCommital()		Writes in the disk the update all the work areas
DbCopyStru()		Copy the current .dbf structure to a new database (.dbf) file
DbCreteIn()		Create a index file
DbfCdx()		Just to avoid removing extern DBFCDX
DbfCdxAx()		Just to avoid removing extern DBFCDXAX
DbfNtx()			Just to avoid removing extern DBFNTX
DbPack()		It eliminates the registrations erased logically physically
DbPx()			Just to avoid removing extern DBPX
DbrLockLis()		Return an array of the current lock list
DbSelectAr()		It changes the area of current work
DbSetDefa()		Set the CA-Clipper default drive and directory
DbSetRelat()		It relates two work areas
DbZap()			Remove all records from the current database file
DDEAck()		DDE Acknowledge FiveWin management function
DDEClientt()		Begins a DDE data transaction
DDEcmpstri()		Compares the values of two string handles
DDECommand()		DDE command FiveWin management function
DDEconnect()		Establishes a conversation with a server application
DDEdisconn()		Terminates a DDE conversation
DDEfreedaHandle()	DDEfreedataHandle()  Frees a global memory object and deletes the data handle associated with the object
DDEfreestr()		Frees a string handle in the calling application.
DDEGetCommand()	DDE GetCommand FiveWin management function
DDEGetData()		Copies data from the given global memory object to the specified local buffer.
DDEinitial()		Registers an application with the DDE Management Library
DDEnameser()		Registers or unregisters the service names that a dynamic data exchange (DDE) server supports.
DDEqueryst()		Copies text associated with a string handle into a buffer
DDEServer()		Handle of events of the class TDDEMLServer
DDETerminate()		DDE Terminate FiveWin management function
DDEuniniti()		Frees all DDEML resources associated with the application.
Decrypt()		Decrypts a string with an optional key
Defwindowp()		Calls the default window procedure.
DelDbfMdx()		Resets the MDX file existence at a DBFMDX Dbf file
DeleteDC()		Deletes the given device context
DeleteMeta()		It invalidates the given metafile handle
DeleteObject()		Deletes an object from memory freeing all resources
DelIniEntr()		It erases an entrance in a file INI
Delinisect()		It erases a section in a file INI
Delresource()		To erase a resource
DelwndBrus()		To erase the last brush created with WndBrush
DestroyCursor()		Destroys a cursor created with Create... or Load...
Destroyico()		It destroys an icon
DestroyMenu()		Destroys a menu and frees any memory that the menu occupied.
DestroyWindow()		Destroys the specified window
DeviceCapa()		DeviceCapabilities() Retrieves the capabilities of the printer device driver.
DevMode()		Retrieves information about a printer driver's
DialogBoxIndirect()	Creates a modal dialog box from memory resources
DibDraw()		FiveWin DIB drawing function
DibFromBitmap()		Creates a DIB from a bitmap
DibHeight()		Returns the height of a DIB
DibPalette()		Returns the palette handle of a DIB
DibRead()		Reads a DIB from disk
DibWidth()		Returns the width of a DIB
DibWrite()		Saves a DIB to disk
Ditbackgrd()		Draw a degraded color screen.
DlgFindText()		Standard Common Dialog FindText
Dotsadjust()		Adjust the resize dots in design mode.
DPToLP()		Converts device coordinates into logical coordinates
Draftmode()		Specifies the printer resolution
DragAccept()		This window accept dropped files.
Dragfinish()		Finish the dragfile operation
DragqueryPoint()		Retrieves the coordinates of the cursor when a file is dropped
DrawBitmap()		FiveWin drawing bitmaps 16 colors function
Drawfocusr()		It draws a rectangle to point out the focus of the control
DrawGrayed()		It draws a button with disabled own drawing
Drawgrid()		It draws a grid of points in a design window
DrawIcon()		Draws an Icon
DrawMasked()		To draw a bitmap with transparent bottom
DrawMenuBa()		It draws the horizontal bar of menu
DrawMsgItem()		It draws an item of the bar of messages
DrawText()		Draws formatted text into a given rectangle
DupRecord()		Duplicates current record
EditCell()		Cell edition in the TCBrowse
Ellipse()			Draws an ellipse
mptyClipboard()		Empties the clipboard
EnableComm()		Enables or disables WM_COMMNOTIFY message posting to the given window
EnableMenu()		Enables, disables, or grays a menu item.
EnableWindow()		Enables or disables mouse and keyboard activity
Encrypt()		Encrypts a string with an optional key
EndDialog()		Finish a modal DialogBox
Enddoc()		Ends a print job
Endmonitor()		The monitorization of resources of the system concludes
EndPage()		Ends printing a page
EndPaint()		Ends painting a window
EnumFontFa()		Enumerates the fonts in a specified font family
Escape()		Directly access a device driver
EscapeComm()		Directs the specified communications device to carry out an  extended function.
ExitWindowsExec()	Exit Windows, runs a MsDos program, and restart windows
ExistWnd()		Terminate Windows and restart the system
ExtFloodFi()		Filled a screen area with a certain color
ExtractIcon()		Retrieves an icon handle from EXE, DLL or ICO
ExtTextOut()		Writes a character string into a rectangular region
FAttrib()			Set new attributes to a file
ffMimeDec()		Desencriptation of a MIME file
ffMimeEnc()		Encriptatation of a MIME file
Field()			It returns the name of a field of the file current DBF
FieldType()		Type of a certain field
FieldWbloc()		Return a set-get code block for a field in a given work area
Fillevent()		To give value to the members of the structure EVENTMSG
FillRect()		Fills a given rectangle with a specified brush
FindExecut()		Finds the executable filename associated with a file
FindResource()		Locate a resource in a resource file
FindText()		Show the commun dialog box to search text into a document
Findwindow()		It looks for a window and their manipulator returns
FloodFill()		Fills an area of the screen
FlushComm()		Flushes all characters from transmision or receiving
fMimeDec()		Desencriptation of a MIME file
fMimeEnc()		Encriptation of a MIME file
FoldPaint()		Paints the Folders of FiveWin
Freelib32()		Free a DLL of 32 bits library in use or decrements
FreeLibrary()		Free a DLL library in use or decrements its counter use
FSize()			Retrieves the size of a filename without opening it
FWBitmap()		Creates the FiveWin own icon-alike bitmap
FWBrushes()		Creates any of the predefined FiveWin bitmaps
GetActiveWindow()	Retrieves the window handle of the active window
GetASyncKey()		Determines whether a key is up or down
Getbkcolor()		Retrieve the current background color
GetCapture()		Retrieves the window handle that has the mouse captured
GetCaretPos()		Retrieves the current position of the caret
GetClassName()		Retrieves the class name of a window
GetClientRect()		Retrieves the client coordinates of a window
GetClpData()		Retrieves the handle of the current clipboard data
GetCommError()		Retrieves the most recent comm error value
GetCoors()		Returns an array with four coordinates values
Getcpu()		Retrieves the CPU type
GetCtrlId()		Returns a Identifier of a child window
Getcurdir()		Obtain the current directory
GetCursorPos()		Obtain the position of the cursor
GetDatas()		To obtain the names of the variables of instance of a object.
GetDC()			Retrieves the handle of a device context
GetDesktopWindow()	Retrieves the handle of the desktop window
GetDeviceCaps()		Retrieves device-specific information
GetDlgBase()		Base units used by Windows when creating dialog boxes
GetDlgItem()		Retrieves the handle of a control
GetDrawIte()		To obtain identifier of a Item
GetDrawMenu()		Handle of the menu containing the item.
GetDropInfo()		To obtain information in process drag/drop
GetFirstInZip()		Retrieves info for the first file in the ZIP file
GetFontInfo()		Retrieves font height, width and bold
GetFrameProc()		Provides default processing for any Windows messages
GetFreeFil()		Returns the number of file handles availables
GetFreeSpace()		Scans the global heap for memory size available
GetFTime()		Retrieves the time and date of a file
GetGridSize()		To obtain size of the Grid in design window
GetHelpFile()		Retrieves the default help file selected
GetHelpTopic()		Retrieves the default help Topic
GetHostByName()	It returns the address IP of one it schemes for their name
GetHostName()		Return the standard host name for the local machine.
GethWnd32()		To convert a window Handle from 16 to 32 bits
GetInstance()		Returns the application handle instance value
GetIP()			Address IP associated to a certain socket
GetKeyStat()		Retrieves the state of the specified virtual key
GetKeyToggle()		State of a toggle key
GetLocal()		Retrieves any local variable from the stack
GetMapMode()		Retrieves the current mapping mode
GetMDIChlP()		Processor of messages for defect for MDIChild
GetMeaItem()		To obtain the identifier of a MenuItem
GetMenuState()		It returns the flags of state of a menuitem
GetMetaBit()		It returns a metafile that contains a bitmap
GetMetaFile()		Create a Metafile
GetMItemId()		To obtain the identifier of a MenuItem for their position
GetModuleFileName()	Path and executable file from where you position a module
GetNextInZip()		Retrieves info for the next file in the ZIP file
GetNumTask()		Retrieves the number of currently running tasks
GetOrdNames()		Returns an array with all index TAGs names
GetParam()		Retrieves any parameter value from the stack
GetParent()		Retrieves the window handle of a window parent
GetPeerName()		Get the address of the peer to which a socket is connected.
GetPixel()		Retrieves the RGB color of a pixel
Getport()		To obtain the port to the one that this bind  a socket
GetPrinter()		Retrieves the printer device context without DlgBox
GetProc32()		It returns the address of a I module of 32 bits
GetProcAddress()	Retrieves the address of the given module function
GetProfInt()		Retrieves the value of a integer Win.ini file entry
GetProfStr()		Retrieves the value of a string Win.ini file entry
GetProp()		Retrieves a data handle from the Windows property list
GetPvpProfString()	Retrieves the value of a string private INI file
GetQuery()		To obtain data sent by WebClient by method POST
GetResources()		Retrieve the Handle of the file of resources
GetScrollPos()		To obtain the position of the bar of Scroll
GetServByName()	Port number at which the service may be contacted
GetStockObject()	Retrieves the handle of a predefined stock pens
GetSubMenu()		It returns the handle of a menu pop-up
GetSysColor()		To obtain the current color of an element of the screen
GetSysDir()		Retrieves the Windows system directory path
GetSysMetrics()		Retrieves the system metrics
GetSystemMenu()	Return the handle of a copy of the System menu
GetTasks()		Returns an array with the names of all the active Tasks running in Windows
GetTextAlign()		It returns the state of the flag of alignment of texts
GetTextColor()		To obtain the current color of the text
GetTextHeight()		Retrieves the height of a selected font
GetTextWidth()		Retrieves the width of a selected font
GetTickCount()		Number of thousandth of second past from beginning Windows
GetVersion()		Retrieves the Windows and MsDos versions numbers
GetWinDir()		Retrieves the Windows directory path
GetWindowWord()	Retrieves a word value at the specified offset
GetWinFlags()		Retrieves the current Windows system and memory configuration
GetWinTxtLength()	Longitude of the text inside a window
GetWndApp()		Returns the FiveWin main application window object
GetWndFrame()		Returns the FiveWin main frame application window
GetWndRect()		Retrieves the window all area coordinates
GetWndTask()		Retrieves the window associated task handle
GlobalAddAtom()	Adds a string to the Windows atom table system
GlobalAlloc()		Allocates a number of bytes from the global heap.
GlobalCompact()		Rearranges memory currently allocated to the global heap
GlobalData()		It locates a fact in global memory
GlobalFree()		Frees the given global memory object
GlobalGetA()		It returns the string associated to a global atom
GlobalLock()		To obtain address of a block of memory
GlobalRealloc()		It changes the size of a block of global memory
GlobalSize()		It returns the real size of a block of memory
GlobalUnlock()		It unblocks the block of memory  locked with GlobalLock ()
HasResources()		It checks if a file contains resources
HelpPopup()		Shows the context popup help
HelpSearch()		Search DialogBox in the default Help file
HelpSetPos()		Changes the position of the WinHelp Window
elpTopic()		Selects a help default topic
HexToDec()		It converts a chain hexadecimal to a decimal number
HideCaret()		Hidden the cursor of edition of the screen
HiliMenuItem()		It lights or it turns off a menuitem
Htons()			Convert a u_short from host to network byte order.
I2Hex()			Converts a word (2 bytes) into a hex string (4 chars)
Inet_address()		This function converts a IP Address to an address in_addr
InporByte()		Reads a byte from a hardware port
InportWord()		Reads a word (2 bytes) from a hardware port
InsertMenu()		It inserts a menuitem in a menu
InterruptUnRegister()	Uninstalls a user defined GPFs controller
InvalidateRect()		Forces a rectangle to be repainted
InvertRect()		Inverts the colors of a window rectangle
IsAnsi()			To see if all the characters of a string are Ansi
IsAnsiLower()		It checks if a string ansi is in lowercase
IsAnsiUpper()		It checks if a string ansi is in uppercase
IsCdRom()		Checks if a drive is a CdRom
IsChild()			It checks if a window is child of another given
IsDefButton()		It checks if it is the button for defect
IsDiskette()		Checks if a drive is a floppy disk
IsIconic()		Checks if a window is iconized
IsMenu()		It checks if a handle is of a menu
IsOEM()			It checks if the characters of a string are OEM
IsOverWnd()		It checks if a given point is inside a window
IsWin95()		It checks if the version of Windows is the 95
IsWindowVisible()	Checks if a window is visible
IsWinNT()		Check if WIN NT is running
IsZip()			Checks a valid ZIP file
IsZoomed()		Checks if a window is maximized
JoyGetDevCaps()	To obtain the capabilities of a joystick
JoyGetNumDevs()	Number of joystick devices supported by the system.
JoyGetPos()		It returns position and activity of buttons of a JoyStick
JoyGetThreshold()	Queries the current movement threshold of a joystick device.
JoyReleaseCapture()	Releases the capture set by joySetCapture()
JoySetCapture()		Causes joystick messages to be sent to the specified window.
JoySetThre()		Sets the movement threshold of a joystick device.
KeyFast()		Set the fastest Keyboard response speed
KeyToggle()		Toggle a certain key
KillTimer()		Removes the specified timer
L2Hex()			Converts a long (4 bytes) into a hex string (8 chars)
lAnd()			Retrieves the logical AND of some numeric values
LastMenu()		It returns the last defined menu.
LbxDrawItem()	 	It draws the listbox elements and combobox
LbxGetItem()		Retrieves an item of a listbox
LbxGetSelItems()	Elements selected in a multiple selection listbox
LbxMeasure()		To establish the high of the item to draw
lChDir()			Changes from one directory to another
lClose()			Closes the given file. Long Names
lCreat()			Create a file with long name
Lfn2sfn()		Long FileName To short FileName
lGetTextLine()		To obtain line of text superiors at 1k
LineTo()			Draws a line from the current position up to another
lIsDir()			Checks the existence of a directory
Listen()			Establish a socket to listen for incoming connection.
lLFNMkDir()		Create a dicrectory with long names
lLFNRmDir()		Delete a directory with long name
lMDIiExist()		Check if there are MIDI output devices
lMIDIOutOpen()		Opens a specified MIDI output device for playback.
lMkDir()			Creates a new directory
Loadaccelerators()	Loads the specified accelerator table.
LoadBitmap()		Load the specified resource bitmap
LoadCursor()		Load the specified resource cursor
LoadIcon()		Load the specified resource icon
Loadlib32()		Load a 32 bits library
LoadLibrary()		Load a Dynamic link library to use it
LoadMenu()		Loads a menu from resources
LoadResource()		Loads the specified resource in memory.
LoadString()		Load the specified resource string
LoadValue()		To load strings from resources.
LocalShrink()		Shrinks the local heap in the given segment.
LogEvent()		It adds messages from the system to a log file
LogFile()		To write information in a LOG file
LogStatics()		It generates log file with all the static variables of an application
lOpen()			To open a file with long name
LPToDP()		Converts logical coordinates into device coordinates
lRMDir()			It erases a directory with long name of the disk
lSaveObject()		Saves an object/array to disk
lWRunning()		Checks if the main FiveWin events-looping is working
lXor()			Exclusive Or
LZCopyFile()		Copy and expands a Windows compressed file
DbClearRel()		It erases the active relationships
DbSetDrive()		The controller returns for defect or one selects new
DbSetFilte()		It establishes a filter condition
DbUnlockAl()		Release file/record locks in all the work areas
DDEAccessData()	Accesses a DDE global memory object
HelpIndex()		Shows the default help file index
MakeIntResource()	Converts an integer resource ID in a Windows format
MakeWin()		Generates a window from which the encriptation and the desencirptation is tested.
MapDialogRect()		Converts dialogbox units into screen units (pixels)
MCIGetErrorString()	It returns a description of an error MCI
MCISendCommand()	Send a command message to a MCI device
MCISendString()		Send a command string to a MCI device
MdiCtrlAdjust()		To Adjust oControl to its MdiChild Area
MDIRecEdit()		Browse in MDIChild window.
MeasureItem()		FiveWin function to dispatch WM_MEASUREITEM msgs
MemoEdit()		Edition of a string of text multiline
MemStat()		Returns a Dialog with all memory values
MenuAddItem		Adds a menuitem to a menu. Internally used.
MenuBegin()		Begins a new menu definition. Internally used.
MenuDrawItem()		To draw an item of the menu
MenuEnd()		Ends a menu definition. Internally used.
MenuMeasureItem()	Establishes measures of the Menuitem
MessageBox()		Creates, displays and operates a MessageBox window
MeterPaint()		Paints the FiveWin meter
MGetCreate()		Create a multiline box of edition
MGetLine()		To get the <n> line of a Multiline Get
MGetReplace()		It replaces the selection in a Get for the given text
MidiNoteOn()		Makes sound a certain note for a channel MIDI
ModifyMenu()		Change a menuitem
MoreHeap()		To obtain more memory of the global heap
MoveCalendar()		To update the date in function MsgDate()
MoveGet()         	Set the formatting rectangle of a multiline edit control
MoveTo()		Changes the painting coordinates
MoveWindow()		Changes the position /and dimensions of a window
MsgAbout()		MessageBox about style
MsgAlert()		MessageBox alert style
MsgBeep()		MessageBeep beep tone
MsgDate()		It presents a calendar to choose a date
MsgGet()		General one-line input message
MsgInfo()		MessageBox information style
MsgLogo()		Shows a floating logo, typically used at start
MsgMeter()		General meter progress dialog
MsgNoYes()		MessageBox YesNo style with default No 
MsgPaint()		FiveWin MessageBar painting function
MsgRetryCancel()	Messages box with buttons Retry and Cancel
MsgRun()		Shows a DialogBox with a msg and executes an action
MsgSound()		Play a Wav sound file
MsgStop()		MessageBox stop style
MsgToolBar()		General Tool-bar style Dialog
MsgWait()		Shows a DialogBox with a msg and waits some time
MsgYesNo()		MessageBox YesNo style
nAnd()			Generates a numeric AND value from some numbers
nArgC()			Returns the number of the command line parameters
nBmpHeight()		It returns the height in pixels of a Bitmap
nBmpWidth		It returns the width in pixels of a Bitmap
nColorToN()		Returns the numeric color equivalent of an xBase color
nDbl2Flt()		Convert a Double to Float
nDDEGetErrorString()	nDDEGetErrorString()   To obtain error description DDE from a numeric code
NDdeShareSetInfo()	Modify DDE share information
nDlgBox()		Automatic DialogBox testing function.
NextDlgTabItem()	Retrieves the handle of the next WS_TABSTOP control
nExtMem()		Amount of memory of the computer
nFileCrc()		Returns a CRC checksum for an entire file contents
nGetBackRgb()		Returns the numeric value of an xBase back color
nGetFileFilter()		Returns the FileSelect DialogBox selected type
nGetForeRGB()		Returns the numeric value of an xBase fore color
nHex()			To convert a hexadecimal to decimal
nHiByte()		Returns the High Byte of a word (two bytes)
nHiWord			Returns the HiWord of a long (four bytes)
nIcons()			Returns the number of icons
nLoByte()		Returns the Low byte of a word (two bytes)
nLoWord()		Returns the Low word of a long (four bytes)
nMakeLong()		Generates a long (4bytes) from two words (2bytes)
nMciOpen()		Initializes a device
nMciPlay()		It indicates to the device that begins to reproduce data
nMciWindow()		It notifies to the device that window will show the animation
nMidiDevices()		Number of MIDI output present devices in the system
nMsgBox()		Generic MessageBox quick access
nNot()			This function carries out a logical NOT to an operator
nOr()			Generates a numeric OR value from some numbers
nRandom()		Generates a random number
nRGB()			Generates a RGB numeric value
nRGBBlue()		Blue component of a RGB color
nRGBGreen()		Green component of a RGB color
nRGBRed()		Red component of a RGB color
nSerialA()		This function obtains the serial number of a disk in A:
nSerialHD()		To obtain the serial number of the hard disk
nStrCrc()		Returns a CRC checksum for a text
nStrHash()		Returns a unique hash value for a string
nTcwRow()		It calculates the line of the TCBrowse, depending on a given height
NtxPos()		Retrieves the relative index position of a record
nTxtLines()		It calculates the number of lines of a file
nWindows()		Number of windows created by our application.
nWndChrHeight()	Line height in function of a certain Font
nWRow()		Returns a certain row number of a window
nWRows()		Returns the number of rows of a window
nXOr()			An exclusive Or executes with a list of parameters
Oclone()		Retrieves a duplicated Clipper object
OemToAnsi()		Translates a OEM MsDos string into a Windows string
OpenClipboard()		Open the Windows clipboard to start using it
OpenComm()		Open the communication port to start using it
ORead()			To build an object starting from a text string
OSend()			Generic messages Object sending function
OutportByte()		Sends a byte to a hardware port
OutportWord()		Sends a word (2 bytes) to a hardware port
OutpuDebugString()	Displays a debugging msg at Microsoft dbwin.exe
PageBegin()		It calls to the method StartPage () of the class TPrinter
Paint3D()		Displays text with 3D look
PalBmpDraw()		Displays a FiveWin combined bitmap and palette handle
PalBmpLoad()		Loads from resources a bitmap and their palette
PalBmpRead()		It loads a bitmap and its palette from file .BMP
PalBtnPain()		It draws a button with images
ParamCount()		Returns the number of parameters of a process
pBmpColors()		Resolution of a Bitmap
pBmpHeigh()		Return the height of a bitmap
pBmpWidth()		Retrieve the width in pixels of a bitmap
PeekByte()		Reads a byte of a position of memory
PeekWord()		Reads a word of an address of certain memory
PeekMessage()		Extract a message from the message queue
Pie()			Draws a graphic pie
PlayMetafile()		Paints the content of the metafile in a HDC
PokeByte()		To write a byte in a position of memory
PokeWord()		Writes a word of an address of certain memory
PolyPolygon()		Draws several polygons
PostMessage()		Places a message at the end of the queue
PostQuitMessage()	Generic finishing application function
PrintBegin()		Call to the New method () of the class TPrinter
PrinterEsc()		To write directly in the printer without printer-device
PrinterIni()		It puts FALSE the flag of printer initialization
PrinterSetUp()		Show a print setup dialob box
PrnBinSource()		It establishes the feeding of the paper of the printer
PrnDuplex()		Set Duplex (double-sided) printing
PrnGetDriver()		Name of the file of the impression Driver
PrnGetName()		It returns the name of the printer
PrnGetOrientation()	To obtain the orientation of the paper of the printer
PrnGetPort()		Device name of the output port
PrnGetSize()		Phisical page size of the printer
PrnLandscape()		To establish the orientation from the paper to LANDSCAPE
PrnOffset()		Left coordinate superior of the printable area
PrnPortrait()		It establishes orientation PORTRAIT for the paper of the printer
PrnSetCopies()		To establish the number of copies to print
PrnSetPage()		Size of the paper to print on
PrnSetSize()		To establish the size of the paper of the printer
RaConst()		It indicates the current state of the connection
Radial()			To establish connection between RAS client and RAS server
RaEnumConnections()	Get a list of current connections
RaEnumEntries()		Retrieve the entries names of a remote access phone book
RaGetError()		Retrieve a string with the message of a numeric code
RaHangUp()		Terminate a RAS conection
Ras_dialEntry()		To establish communication with predetermined connection
RddEvent()		Handler of events of the class TRdd()
ReadBitmap()		Reads a bitmap from disk
ReadComm()		Read the contents of the communication port
ReadEven()		Reads and sends events stored to the system
ReadVar()		TGET object that has the focus in our application.
RealizePalette()		Maps a palette to the system palette
Rectangle()		Draws a graphic rectangle
RectDotted()		It draws a dotted rectangle
Recv()			Receive data from a socket
RegCloseKey()		Close a key of the register
RegCreateKey()		Create/open a specific key
RegDeleteKey()		Delete the specific key
RegEnumKey()		Enumerates the subkeys of an specific key
RegisterClass()		Register a new Windows class
RegOpenKey()		Open a specific key
RegQueryValue()		Return the text string corresponding to a key
ReleaseCapture()	Let the other applications use the mouse
ReleaseDC()		Finish using a device context
RemoveFont()		Removes a font from the available fonts list
RemoveMenu()		Remove a menuitem from a specific menu
RemoveProp()		Removes a previous stored window prop
Report()			Generic FiveWin automatic-reporting function
ResetDC()		Update the given device context.
ResourceFree()		To free a given resource
RestoreDC()		Restore a device context to its old value
RestProc()		Restores a window procedure -internally used
RLNew()			FiveWin Clipmore equivalent functions
RPreview()		Viewer of listings of FiveWin
RptAddColumn()		It adds a new column to our listing
RptAddGroup()		Adds a group to our listing.
RptBegin()		Create a new Report
RptEnd()		The definition of the object Report concludes
SaveDC()		Save a specific device context
Say3D()			Displays a 3D look text
Scan()			Writes in file the name of a variable and their value
ScreenToClient()		Converts screens coordinates in Client coordinates
ScrollWindow()		Scroll a region of a window
SelectObject()		Select a GDI object to be used in a device context
SelectPalette()		Select a palette of colors
SendBinary()		Send binary datas on a connected socket
SendMessage()		Sends a Windows message to a window
ServerIP()		Address IP of Web Server
Set3dLook()		Set 3d look efect
SetActiveWindow()	Changes the current active window
SetBkColor()		Set the background to a specific color
SetBkMode()		Set  the background mode
SetBlackPen()		Selects the black pen for painting
SetBrushOrg()		Specifies the origen of the brush
SetCapture()		Captures all the mouse activity for a window
SetCaretPos()		Sets the position of the caret
SetClassWord()		Changes a window word value
SetClipboardData()	Places some data at the clipboard
SetClpData()		Changes the contents of the clipboard
SetCommState()		Selects the state of the communication port
SetCurdrive()		Set the default current drive
SetCursor()		Changes the Windows active cursor
SetDate()		Changes the date of the system
SetDeskWallPaper()	Changes the desktop bitmap
SetDropInfo()		To define additional information for process Drag & Drop
SetFocus()		Selects a window as focused
SetFTime()		Set a different time and date for a file
SetGridSize()		It establishes separation of the Grid in design Window
SetHandleCount()	Changes the maximum number of available files
SetIdleAction()		Set/removes the FiveWin background process
SetMapMode()		Selects a drawing mode
SetMenu()		Sets the menu for a window
SetMinMax()		Set minimun and maximum value sizes of a window
SetMultiple()		Permits multiple same FW applications
SetParent()		Changes the parent of a window
SetPixel()		Draws a pixel
SetPolyFillMode()	Sets the specified polygon filling mode
SetProp()		Store a window property in the Windows prop list
SetResources()		Load a certain library
SetSockOpt()		Set a socket option to enable
SetTextAlign()		Selects the kind of text aligment
SetTextColor()		Set the text color to the specific color
SetTextJustification()	Adds space to the break characters in a string
SetTime()		Changes the time of the system
SetTimer()		Installs a system timer
SetViewOrg()		Sets the viewport origin of the device context
SetViewPortExt()		Selects the viewport of a given device context
SetWhitePen()		Selects the white pen for painting
SetWin95Look()		Set/Reset Windows 95 look
SetWindowText()		Changes the caption of a Window
SetWndDefault()		To make the window for defect the suitable one.
ShellAbout()		Displays the typical Windows about DialogBox
ShellExecute()		Opens or prints the given file
ShowCaret()		Shows the caret on the screen
ShowCursor()		Shows or hides the cursor
ShowWindow()		Make the window show on the screen
SndPlayRes()		Plays a WAV sound file from resources
SndPlaySound()		Plays a WAV sound file
Socket()			Create a socket
SocketSelect()		Determine the status of a socket
SpoolFile()		Puts a file into the spooler queue
StartDoc()		Start generating a new printing document
StartMonitor()		Start the resource monitor
StartPage()		Start prinitng a new page
StartPlayback()		Inserts mouse and keyboard messages into the system message queue
StartRecord()		Records messages from the system message queue
StrByte()		Assign/obtain the value of a byte
StrCapFirst()		Capitalize the first and lowercase
StrChar()		Obtain a character of a string
StrToken()		Returns a token from a string
SymName()		Get the name of a Clipper internal symbol
SymStat()		To know if is it a symbol of a static symbol
SymTblAt()		Get a symbol of the internal symbol table
SymTblLen()		Number of symbols at application symbol table
SysRefresh()		Lets Windows process all pending messages
SysTime()		Changes the time of the system
SysWait()		Waits of <n> seconds processing the pending messages
TabCtrlAdd()		Add a page to tabstrip control
TabsPaint()		Draw the tabs control
TCBrwSrol()		Make a vertical scroll in the TCBrowse
TerminateApp()		Ends the given applications
TextOut()		Draws text to a specified location
ThisStruct()		Reference to a structure in definition process.
Time()			Gives the current time in format 00:00:00
TimerCount()		Returns the ellapsed time since the app started
TimerEvent()		It evaluates the action assigned to an object TTimer
TrackPopUpMenu()	Displays the given floating pop-up menu
TreeBegin()		FiveWin trees function support
TreeEnd()		FiveWin trees function support
TvInsertItem()		Insert a tree item in a TreeView control
uCharToVal()		Converts any value into a character string
uLoadStruct()		Restore an array or an object from disk
UnEscape()		Transforms characters hexadecimales to text ASCII
UnZipFile()		UnZips a file from the ZIP file
UpdateWindow()		Updates the client area of a window
uValBlack()		Returns the correspondent blank value of any variable
VirtualRdd()		It returns a reference to an object defined TRDD
WaitRun()		Executes another Windows application and waits
WBrwLIne()		Draw a line of a WBrowse
WBrwPane()		Draw all lines of a TWBrowse
WBrwScroll()		Scroll some text lines in a window
WBrwSelBox()		Draw the border in the active cell of a browse.
WindowFromPoint()	Retrieves the window which is at certain position
WinExec()		Executes another Windows application
WinHelp()		Activates Windows WinHelp program
WinUser()		Retrive the Windows user name
WndAdjBottom()		Align to the bottom of the window
WndAdjCliente()		Adjust to the client area of the window
WndAdjLeft()		Align to the left of the window
WndAdjRight()		Align to the right of the window
WndAdjTop()		Align to the top of the window
WndBitmap()		Make a bitmap with the window image
WndBottom()		Resize the window height and update the bottom coordinate
WndBox()		Draws a box around
WndBoxIn()		Draws a inset 3D box
WndBoxRaised()		Draws a box raised
WndBrush()		Create a tiled brush
WndCenter()		Centers a window on the screen
WndCopy()		Copy a window image to the clipboard
WndHasScrolls()		Test if a window has scroll bars
WndHeight()		Update the window height
WndHlineRaised()	Draw a horizontal line with raised look
WndHRaised()		Draw a box with raised look arround of a window
WndInset()		Draw a inset box
WndLeft()		Update the left coordinate of a window
WndMain()		Returns the object main TWindow of the application.
WndPrint()		Prints the image of a window
WndRaised()		Makes the border of a window look raised
WndSetSize()		Update the size of a window
WndTop()		Update the top coordinate of a window
WndVLineRaised()	Draw a vertical   line with raised look
WndVRaised()		Draw a box with raised look arround of a window
WndWith()		Update the window width
WNetAddConnection()	Redirects the local device to the remote server.
WNetDisconnectDialog() 	Show a dialog box for connecting to network resources
WNetError()		Retrieves the latest Net error
WNetGetErrorText()	Text of a error code
WNetGetUser()		Retrieves the actual local Net user
WorkSheet()		Prints a sheet with horizontal and vertical scale
WQOut()		FiveWin QOut() replacement
WriteComm()		Writes to the communication port
WritePProString()	Writes an entry in a private INI file
WrtieProfString()		Writes an entry in WIN.INI public file
WSAAsyncSelect()	Request event notification for a socket.
WSACleanUp()		Terminate use of the Windows Sockets DLL.
WSAGetLastError()	Get the error code for the last operation
WSAStartUp()		Specify the version of Windows Sockets API required
WSay()			Write a text value into a window
WSayRect()		Write text into a defined area
WScroll()		Scrolls some text rows of a window
xPadC()			Center fills a string up to a certain pixel
xPadL()			Left fills a string up to a certain pixel dimension
xPadR()			Right fills a string up to a certain pixel dimension
ZipBlock()		Block size
ZipFile()			Make the zip file
ZipMsg()		Text message given automaticly
ZipName()		Name of the file that is extracting now
ZipSize()		Size of the current extraction
ZiType()			Type of messages about the zipping process
RegSetValue()		Set a string text associates to a key
StopPlayBack()		Stop to play back the messages
StopRecord()		Stop the record of messages of the system queue
StrCpy()			Copy a string into other string
TcDrawCell()		Draw the cell in a TCBrowse
WNetBrowse()		Shows a DialogBox to browse resources in a Net
WNetConnetDialog()	Show a dialog box for connecting to network resources

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